MP 02 4K Media player

  • brilliant 4 HDR video output
  • Synchronisability during operation
  • developed for the integration of interactive video installations


from 600.00 

delivery time: upon request

Product Description

This Ultra HD media player boasts brilliant 4K HDR video output, a multitude of control options, and the capacity to synchronize multiple players during operation. The MP 02 4K is designed for maintenance-free continuous operation and the integration of interactive video installations. The player’s range of possible applications is extremely broad, encompassing exhibitions, video art, trade shows, and sales. To create multi-screen projections or complex video walls, the player permits frame synchronization of up to 255 media players in up to ten groups. You can easily drag the content for your projection onto the storage medium or interchange it. Just set up a network connection, and then use the web browser to perform the required action with the user-friendly drag-and-drop function.

Previously selected settings are retained, and there is no need for additional software editing. Timer-controlled calendar playlists are created using the built-in calendar function. 

A highlight of the MP 02 4K is its versatile connectivity: For control, there are USB ports and also nine GP inputs (on a Phoenix connector), which can be connected to a touch screen, pushbuttons, RFID, or motion detectors. The additional 5-pin handset port allows automatic starting and stopping of the player by handsets with reed contacts. The integrated amplifier can be used to connect up to two handsets or headphones. In addition, external amplifiers and active speakers can be connected via the line output.

Delivery Includes

Player, SD card, power supply unit (opt. UK or US adapter)

Technical Data

Power supply
12 V DC

Supported storage devices
microSDXC/SDHC memory cards, USB flash drive (up to USB 3.0), each with 64 GB

phone output (3.5 mm stereo jack plug), phone output (stereo Phoenix connector), audio line out (3.5 mm stereo jack plug) HDMI output, 12 V output (Phoenix connector)

10-pin IN port (Phoenix connector), 2-pin switching contact for handsets (Phoenix connector), RJ45 1000 Mbps network port (for control functions, synchronization, and content updates)

Video formats
MP4, MOV, and others up to 3840 × 2160 at 60p, max. bit rate 40 Mbps

Audio formats

integrated amplifier for up to two headphones or handsets

max. 80 mW

freely configurable

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