MP 01 Media player

  • for interactive video installations in
  • continuous operation- High connectivity
  • individually configurable playlists


from 320.00 

delivery time: upon request

Product Description

The MP 01 media player was designed by molitor for continuously running interactive video installations in exhibitions, trade show and sales installations, and for information pillars. Handsets and headphones can be connected to the player very easily with a Phoenix connector, as can buttons, sensors, and their internal lighting. Projectors and full HD display screens can be connected to the standard HDMI port.

Configurable playlists and included standard playlists allow you to play even quite complex sequences with ease. Nine freely assignable inputs let you integrate pushbuttons and sensors into your programming via dry contacts, for sophisticated applications.

Nine switching outputs, operating independently of one another, can be freely configured as well, for functions such as button lighting. The audio and video files are stored on an SDHC memory card or a USB flash drive.

An integrated amplifier allows the connection of up to two handsets or headphones. In addition, external amplifiers and active speakers can be connected via the line output. If required, the switching outputs can be expanded: An optional external board is available that permits the use of relays, motors, etc. A remote control for configuration comes included with the player.

Delivery Includes

Player, SD-card, remote control, power supply unit

Technical Data

Power supply
12 V DC

Supported storage devices
SDHC memory card, USB drive, each up to 64 GB


phone output (3.5 mm stereo jack plug), phone output (stereo Phoenix connector), audio line out (3.5 mm stereo jack plug) HDMI output, 10-pin OUT port (Phoenix connector), 12 V output (Phoenix connector)

10-pin IN port (Phoenix connector), 2-pin switching contact for handsets (Phoenix connector)

Video formats
MP4, MOV, and others (up to 1080p)

Audio formats

integrated amplifier for up to two headphones or handsets

max. 80mW

freely configurable

12 V power supply unit, 100–240 V AC; remote control; Phoenix connectors 2-pin, 5-pin, and 10-pin

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