molitor FS mini ultrasonic speaker

  • Effective directional speaker in a small size
  • compact design for discreet installation
  • integrated amplifier for direct use


from 320.00 

delivery time: upon request

Product Description

The molitor FS-Mini is the smallest of our directional ultrasonic speakers. It offers an effective way of putting sound exactly where you want it. Its compact design allows discreet installation even in tight spaces.

A built-in amplifier can be used to connect and operate any audio source directly. It works very well in combination with our interactive media players such as the AP 01 and MP 01.

Delivery Includes

Technical Data

Power supply
12 V DC, 2 A

Maximum power consumption
24 W

170 × 70 × 40 mm (W × D × H)


Maximum SPL
70 dB at 1 kHz/2 m

Frequency range
300 Hz–8 kHz

Directional pattern
< 15° (-10 dB)

Product advisory

For optimal use of this type of speaker, it is important to consider the characteristics of the room and adapt them if necessary to achieve the desired acoustics. We are happy to provide consultation for this purpose.