molitor audiospotlight panel 16.8“

  • Speaker with high directional characteristic
  • Suitable for reproduction of high frequency ranges
  • integrated amplifier and media player



delivery time: upon request

Product Description

This directional ultrasonic loudspeaker is ideal for radiation of sound to highly confined areas. This allows audio to be addressed to individual people at precisely defined locations. For this purpose, the rooms should be quiet and the audio tracks should be in relatively high frequency ranges. This works perfectly in quiet museums where open ambient sound is desired without disturbing bystanders.

The system comes with an integrated amplifier, as well as a media player with a microSD card for data storage. You therefore receive a complete system in one. However, you can still connect your own audio source if needed. The VESA100 mounting system allows easy installation wherever you require. The audiospotlight is also compatible with many standard mounts.

Delivery Includes

Speaker, integrated amplifier, integrated media player (Micro-SD), power supply 24V / 2A, remote control

Technical Data

Power Supply
24 V DC, 2A

Maximum power Consumption

400 x 200 x 35mm (W×D×H)


Maximum SPL
80dB at 1kHz

Directional pattern
< 10 % (-20 dB)

Product advisory

For optimal use of this type of speaker, it is important to consider the characteristics of the room and adapt them if necessary to achieve the desired acoustics. We are happy to provide consultation for this purpose.