LEANDER angled upright flyer holder with shelf edge PSK

Powder-coated aluminium flyer holder – LEANDER add-on element
Upright mount with offset bend, DIN A4 portrait format.
The flyer holder is available in black or white.

The PSK flyer holder is similar in design to the GSK series, but features additional edging that serves as a shelf for flyers. The 15° incline of the holder surface ensures optimal readability.
Thanks to the shelf and the DIN A4 portrait format, the holder is also suitable for more bulky reading material such as catalogues or books.

All add-on elements are designed to be mounted and secured without the use of tools. Information material can be placed directly on the holder and do not require further attachment.

Magnets are not suitable for aluminium, please choose another holder (e.g. GSK) if you plan to use magnets for fixation. We will be happy to advise you.


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