FZ 180 CD cylindrical speaker with constant directivity

The FZ 180 Polar is a cylindrical loudspeaker with a defined dispersion angle of 80°. This highly resilient 2-way system features an 6.5″ bass-mid range woofer and a 1″ neodymium tweeter and waveguide, plus an optimized box with back-mounted passive radiator. It provides linear, dynamic music reproduction with an extensive bass range.
Its high speech intelligibility and clear music reproduction, even in rooms with long reverberation times, make it especially suitable for use in museums, exhibitions, the hospitality sector, and multimedia systems.
For installation, the speaker can either be suspended from a ceiling or mounted on a wall or ceiling using the L-bracket WH 180. It is then directed appropriately toward the listening area.
Price on request. For a quote, please contact produkte@molitor-berlin.de


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