molitor FSC2-L1 – Ultrasonic directional speaker

  • Larger directional speaker for comprehensive sound focussing
  • for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications
  • Higher sound pressure for use in noisy environments



Product Description

The molitor FSC2-L1 is a large ultrasonic directional speaker that provides comprehensive sound focusing solutions for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. These include museums, digital signs, retail stores, trade shows, and banks.
Compared to the smaller models in this product range, it is suitable for use in louder environments due to its higher maximum sound pressure level.

Additionally, it allows for playback across a relatively wide frequency range. The integrated amplifier technology makes it easy to handle.
It can be effectively paired with our interactive media players such as the AP 01 and MP 01. The players can optionally initiate the respective content in connection with a sensor when the room is entered.

Delivery Includes

Speaker, Power supply 24V / 3A

Technical Data

Power supply
24 V DC, 3 A

Maximum power consumption

590 × 118 × 36 mm (W × D × H)

1.7 kg

Maximum SPL
92 ± 3dB @ 2kHz / 1m

Frequency range

Directional Characteristic
< 15° (-20 dB)

Product advisory

To ensure optimal utilisation of these speakers, it is important to consider the specific characteristics of the room and, if necessary, adjust them to achieve the desired acoustics. We are happy to provide guidance in this regard.