Drop6 s – Full-range speaker

As a full-range speaker, it consists of a 6.5″ woofer and a 1″ tweeter, achieving excellent sound properties for high-quality sound solutions and music playback. The power selection switch allows for selection between high and low impedance operation. This can guarantee particularly loss-free transmission of the audio signal for short cable lengths. Additionally, multiple speakers can be connected with just one cable.

The speaker enclosures are reinforced with fiberglass and a protective grille, making them particularly robust. Thanks to their paintability, the color can be adjusted accordingly. They are available in black or white as standard. For mounting, each Drop6 is supplied with 5-meter-long steel wires and two Euroblock connectors. This allows for direct connection to the cable coming from the power amplifier.

Manufacturer: Ecler, France


delivery time: upon request

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