DE PLAN 200 inside speaker for invisible integration into furniture

The DE Plan 200 Inside is a special version of the 2-way flat transducer designed to be invisibly installed in furniture and wall panels. The speaker is glued into furniture facing and wall panels made of wood, MDF, or similar materials, and directly excites those surfaces. The surface is activated without an intermediate membrane, which makes this model extremely efficient and gives it an extensive, linear frequency range. It provides high-quality music and speech reproduction, making it equally suited to home audio, audiovisual rooms, and the hospitality sector. A wide dispersion angle of 180° means that sound can be distributed evenly throughout the room with just a few speakers.
The reproduction characteristics depend very much on the material in which the speakers are installed and the room’s acoustics. We therefore recommend the lb system controller or the DSP power amplifiers, which can be adjusted to achieve the best sound pattern.
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