DA 250 (Q) POLAR surface-mount speaker with wide dispersion angle

The DA 250 (Q) Polar is an elegant, 2-way surface-mounted speaker with Polar® technology for perfect hemispherical dispersion and high sound quality, even without additional subwoofers. Instead, an optimized cabinet design with two passive radiators ensures top-quality bass response. The dispersion angle of 180° guarantees uniform sound distribution. That means the auditory range can be covered with just a few speaker systems, even in large rooms.
These properties make the DA 250 (Q) suitable for high-quality home audio applications, museums, and the hospitality sector, but also for professional multimedia applications such as trade shows as well.
With its flat design, it can be used as a wall-mounted speaker or a ceiling-mounted speaker. The user can choose between round or square, and black or white, according to structural requirements. If there is a suspended ceiling in some areas, the DA 250 (Q) Polar can also be combined with the in-ceiling speakers DE 140 Polar and DE-X 140 Polar.
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