USO Handset metallic

  • Compact aluminium handset in a wide range of colours
  • Auto-start function via reed contact
  • Magnetic wall mount with no cable outlet


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Product Description

The USO handset combines high-quality technology with an attractive, sturdy design. The compact aluminium casing sits comfortably in the hand, is easy to clean and is resistant to impacts and breakage. That and its excellent sound properties have made this handset a trusted museum and exhibition accessory for many years.

The handset is held on its base by a strong magnet. This allows it to be picked from all directions and returned safely to its original position, even if it is placed inaccurately. When the handset is picked up, reed contact is activated and the audio starts playing automatically. When the handset is placed back on its base, playback stops.

A button or rocker switch can be integrated into the casing cover, allowing the user to switch between two languages or play different audio tracks. These options can be labelled with either engravings or stickers on the casing cover.

The handset comes in a natural aluminium finish as standard. For custom versions, the handset can be anodised in 20 different colours.

A robust, flexible stainless-steel tube protects the connection cable and reliably secures the handset.

Delivery Includes

USO handset, magnetic wall mount, mounting block for strain and pressure protection, mounting screw for wall mount (M4), borehole cover, installation instructions

Technical Data

Height: 57 mm
Ø: 68 mm
Weight (without mount and protective tube): 400 g

Connection cable: Length: 240 cm, Ø: 6 mm
Flexible stainless-steel tube: Length: 125 cm, Ø: 8 mm

Wall mount:
Height: 21 mm
Ø: 74 mm

Impedance: 32 Ω
Max. loading capacity: 0.1 W

Switching capacity: 10 W
Max. switching voltage: 175 V (AC/DC)
Switching current: 0.5 A

Product advisory

We recommend an installation height of at least 130 cm to avoid damage to both the handset and the floor. Induction is not technically possible with the metallic handset.

Product extension

VIA/USO Language Selection Switch

The language selection switch in black plastic can be ordered as an option for the VIA and USO handsets. It is used to switch between two languages or audio tracks.

Klinkenstecker für Einhandhörer

Preassembled connection cable with audio jack plug. Only possible together with purchase orders of USO/VIA/PLUX. Connector: 3.5 mm jack plug.


Wall bushing

The wall bushing provides strain relief for cables and facilitates precise installation. This robust, discreet component holds the flexible metal tube firmly in place for stationary use of the headphones.

USO Zubehör Wanddose
90°junction box USO/DIO

Made from black, glass fibre-reinforced polyamide with bend cable protection for connecting USO headsets.