Spider mount

  • Discrete and form-fitting object mount
  • Can be flexibly adjusted to fit the object size
  • Secure presentation thanks to use of spring steel



delivery time: upon request

Product Description

The aesthetically pleasing and appropriate display of museum exhibits is a basic prerequisite for the object to achieve its optimal effect.

To do justice to the versatility of exhibits, molitor developed a discrete mounting system that is concealed behind the object on display. The form-fitting system holds the exhibits securely in place, whether they are positioned vertically or horizontally.

The stainless-steel wires are covered with silicone tubing and simply bent around the object to create a small “claw”, which can then be trimmed as required. The spider mount holds the exhibit securely in place without exerting pressure, thus ensuring damage-free display. In addition, the combination of standardised production and individual adaptability makes our spider mount a cost-effective and simple solution.

Delivery Includes

Stainless steel spider mount

Technical Data

One 3 mm rod with 1 mm claws for exhibits weighing up to 500 g

One 5 mm rod with 1.5 mm claws for exhibits weigh-ing up to 3 kg

Product advisory

To protect the exhibits from damage, we recommend our customers cover the spring-steel claws with silicone or shrinkable tubing. This process requires silicone spray, in addition to the tubing.