Energie.wenden (The new era in energy)

The Deutsches Museum in Munich is hosting a special exhibition on the new era in energy, which will be spread across approximately 1,500 square metres. The supply, distribution and storage of energy, as well as energy demand and the use of energy, are clearly explained in a global and historical context. With numerous original exhibits and models as well as experiment and media stations, the exhibition succeeds in making the controversial topic understandable.
The centrepiece of the exhibition is a game which makes visitors see things from the point of view of politicians.

molitor has been entrusted with the task of fitting the mechanical exhibits and the electromechanical special constructions. These include an extendible periscope, an exhibit with cooling elements which makes the difference in temperature noticeable depending on the type of glazing used, and an energy-saving lamp exhibit, which requires the amount of energy needed for each lamp to be generated by a crank.

molitor berlin