In our manufacturing workshops we produce the USO, VIA and PLUX handsets,
assemble the AP 01 audio player, and construct exhibits.

With many years of experience in organising exhibitions and technical equipment for exhibitions, we have developed a range of tailor-made products for specific exhibition and trade fair requirements that we manufacture in small batches. Additionally, we put together individual solutions for special applications in close cooperation with our customers.

Our offices and in-house manufacturing workshops are all under one roof in Berlin-Kreuzberg. This is where we produce all handsets, as well as assembling and carrying out our final inspections on our AP 01 audio player. In comparison with line production, all models in the VIA, PLUX and USO ranges are manufactured meticulously by hand. Consequently, each item boasts innovative and robust technology and accurate craftsmanship. Since our suppliers are mainly based in Berlin, we are able to carry out special solutions for our products quickly and easily.

In our media technology workshop, the controls, media technology and mechanical components from exhibits are put together and manufactured as an individual product or a small batch after conferring with the customer. We take care of the following tasks: designing, planning, constructing prototypes, manufacturing, assembling, programming, commissioning and the maintenance of all steps in the process. We also have a large network of specialists for carrying out special requirements.

Bases, cabinets and smaller exhibitions are produced in our wood workshop as well as furniture and cases for exhibits. Furthermore, the wood workshop can also be used to carry out sculptural work from different materials such as plaster, cast resin, and polystyrene.



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TALKING BOOK The media book for exhibitions

BOOK CRADLE The subtle, ready-to-install book cradle positions your exhibit in an individual and secure manner. read more

SHEET DISPLAY The subtle, ready-to-install sheet display board positions your exhibit in an individual and secure manner. read more

Installation System The installation system elegantly blends into the background in order make the exhibits stand out. read more