Wireless music transmitter CORE

The heart of this system, which is constructed from only a small number of components, is the Core transmitter unit. At the touch of a button, it establishes a permanent wireless connection with the Tube and Cube loudspeakers. Up to 24 receiver units can be controlled from one transmitter. With a range to the receiver of 12 meters in open space, the transmitter can cover a total distance of 24 meters. If longer distances need to be spanned or the signal has to be transmitted through walls, additional transmitters can be connected by cables to existing receivers. These additional core transmitters take the signal from the loudspeaker they are connected to and pass it on to a further 24 devices, with virtually zero latency. This allows sound to be transmitted across even quite long distances without interruption.

Two separate channels are available for combining the two receiver units, Tube and Cube, within one transmitter. This allows both models to be adjusted according to their specific sound characteristics.

Computers, tablets, and other audio players can be used as the audio sources, via cable or Bluetooth. The Core transmitter constantly monitors the stable wireless connection to the speakers, and changes the channel automatically if the frequency is disrupted. For individual control, the user can choose between three input channels and set the desired volume, either on the base station or via the associated app. The feature-rich app also allows customized sound tuning, and works on both iOS and Android devices.


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