FZ 140 POLAR cylindrical speaker with wide dispersion angle

The FZ 140 Polar is a cylindrical 2-way loudspeaker with Polar technology for wide, even sound dispersion. Due to its optimized box design with a passive radiator on the back, it provides not only a balanced, clear sound pattern, but also outstanding bass response.
With a wide dispersion pattern across the entire frequency range, it can be used to distribute sound very evenly throughout the room, even with just a few speakers. The speaker can either be suspended from a ceiling or mounted on a wall or ceiling using the L-bracket WH 140. The standard models are available in either black or white.
It can be mounted by either suspending it from the ceiling, or screwing it to a wall or ceiling with an appropriate accessory. This compact cylindrical loudspeaker provides a visually appealing alternative especially in areas where built-in loudspeakers cannot be used for architectural reasons.
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